We’re thrilled to announce our latest sustainable initiative – a cork recycling program!

Did you know that the vast majority of Broadside corks are made with 100% renewable plant-based materials? Most of our corks are created from sugarcane. This provides two main benefits – the corks are produced in a sustainable and environmentally responsible process, and the corks are free from TCA! (That is the chemical responsible for cork taint in wine.)

The sugarcane plants that produce the raw cork material are from sustainable sources in Brazil. Great care is taken to ensure that biodiversity is protected in the environment around the sugarcane and crop burning is never used in its farming.

Once the sugarcane is harvested, it’s converted into bio-polyethylene, which is a plant-based material that can be used in ways similar to synthetic plastics. However, unlike synthetic plastics, this is a 100% renewable material with a zero carbon footprint that is also fully recyclable.

These corks are designed as circular products. They’re not intended to become waste but instead are meant to be reused and recycled – ultimately recirculating the old cork materials into new products.

To keep the corks out of landfills and ensure that this happens, we’re proud to partner with our cork supplier Vinventions in their recycling program.

Natural corks, which are used for our Margarita Vineyard and Blackletter Cabernet Sauvignons, will also be accepted into our recycling program. These corks will be sent to a separate recycling facility, which specializes in repurposing natural corks in other industrial and consumer products.

To participate, please send your old Broadside corks to us at the below address. Any number of corks are accepted in the program.

Recycling Address:

Wine Hooligans
Attn: Broadside Cork Recycling
980 Airway Court, Suite A
Santa Rosa CA 95403

We greatly appreciate your help in recycling our corks and working towards a more sustainable world!

For any questions regarding our cork recycling program, please reach out to us directly at info@broadsidewines.com